Ayurvedic therapy is a form of an alternative medicine that is a holistic approach to health care which may include health and nutritional counseling. Ayurvedic treatment is a safe method to restore balance in body and mind that addresses the root cause of an ailment. However, no guarantees can be made concerning the results of the therapy.

Ayurvedic consultation and any recommendations are not a substitute for conventional medicine, diagnosis or treatment. And that it will not modify or suspend any current treatment that the individual may be receiving without the knowledge and approval of his/her personal physician. Also any herbal supplements that are recommended are not drugs and it may complement any medical or psychological care the individual may be receiving.

Herbal supplements, life style changes, dietary changes and other healing recommendations like yoga, meditation are suggestions made to the individual and will be followed completely per the sole discretion of the individual.

Any individual receiving an Ayurvedic therapy may refuse or stop this therapy at any time. A consultation with HemaVeda requires a signed “Consent & Hold Harmless Agreement” where all these conditions and concerns are discussed prior to beginning any treatment. A signed consent covers the entire course of Ayurvedic consultation for the individual’s present and any future condition(s) for which the Ayurvedic services are sought.

HemaVeda will be held harmless of any unforeseen circumstances or complications that may arise, directly or in-
directly from seeking these services.

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