by Mar 8, 2020

Namaste from HemaVeda,

Winter is here! cooling temperatures, falling leaves, slow flurries we all are getting prepared for embracing the changes in the weather. Now is the time for cleanses, consumption of warm and cooked foods, slowing down a bit and focus on self care.
Ayurveda provides us with incredible knowledge to incorporate thousands of Herbs and Spices in our daily diet. Ayurveda is a way of life that strives to make healing and healthy life a part of daily routines. HemaVeda brings this way of healthy and happy life for everyone.

Today let us learn about a favorite fruit of many – An APPLE! This fruit is loaded with nutrition and so yummy to taste. Lets learn the Ayurveda benefits of apples and a delicious easy to make recipe this winter!


Tastes and qualities of Apples


  • Apples are loaded with Vitamin C
  • They are a rich source of fiber
  • Apples are filled with anti oxidant properties
  • They help build body’s immunity 
  • They are helpful in digestion and work well in constipation
  • They undergo sweet taste after digestion
  • They are cool in potency

Dosha perspective

  • Apples are good for Pitta dosha 
  • Apples have primarily sweet taste 
  • They are of cold potency 
  • They are heavy to digest and are nourishing in quality
  • Regular consumption of raw apple can provoke Vata dosha 
  • It is best to consume apples cooked in the winter season as they are heavy to digest and cooking makes them easier on digestion


  • Apples can act spontaneously on excessive thirst, burning sensation, help calm down the fever
  • They are an excellent source of Vitamin A and C
  • They are also loaded with flavonoids
  • They provide nourishment to the body tissues
  • Apples can relieve constipation because of their fiber content

Delicious apple recipe specially for winters

It is always best to consume apples cooked in winters as it becomes easier on digestion compared to summer season where you can consume apples raw sometimes.


  • 2 medium sized apples washed and cut into thin slices
  • 1 tablespoon of cultured ghee
  • Roasted grounded nuts – 2 tablespoons
  • A pinch of cardamom
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 2-3 almonds


  • Heat the ghee in a pan 
  • Sauté the apple slices for 2 mins
  • Add the cinnamon and the cardamom powders and saute 
  • Add the roasted grounded nuts 
  • Do not make the apples mushy
  • Enjoy this yummy apple recipe specially in winters as a breakfast.

This recipe supports healthy bowel habits and is easier on digestion

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