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by Sep 23, 2023

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What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation and detox procedure that generally lasts
from 10-20 days.  Panch means five and karma means action which means five Ayurveda rituals for a thorough detoxification and rejuvenation of the body and mind.
Panchakarma begins with a detailed following of certain Ayurveda regimens which help you achieve the goals of longevity, detoxification, health and self-awareness which also promote mental and emotional health.

Below are the panchakarma processes documented in the Ayurveda scriptures
1. Virechana (Intestinal purgation)
2. Basti (medicated enema)
3. Vamana (vomiting therapy)
4. Rakta moksha (bloodletting)
5. Nasya (Therapeutic Nasal oil administration).


Every panchakarma always starts with the preparation. This stage of panchakarma has to be followed for 3-7 days. This is known as the Purvakarma, a pre-preparation. At this stage the pre-preparation of the body and mind is being done with certain ayurvedic herbalized ghee consumption which is known as the internal oleation and the external body massages with herbalized Ayurveda oils and steam which is known as the external oleation.

Because of these processes the deepest body tissues start to slowly detoxify and the accumulation of the to liquefy the body’s impurities and push them toward the
gastrointestinal tract toxins are gathered in the Gut. After this the next stage helps to get rid of these accumulated toxins from the body.

The Second stage of Panchakarma starts with the thorough detoxification of the
accumulated wastes by some personally customized processes and this is generally a day process only. This stage is known as the Pradhan karma.

The third stage of Panchakarma is all about settling down the body’s system gradually with certain food regimen guided by the Ayurvedic doctor. This stage is known as the Pashcyat karma.

What are the benefits of Panchakarma?

  • Elimination of toxins & toxin conditions in the body & mind
  • Imbalance corrective and disease preventative
  • Builds immunity and promotes ultimate wellness
  • Slows Aging process
  • Provides deep relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Offers mental clarity and increased concentration
  • Enhances self-reliance, strength, energy and vitality
  • Deepens self-awareness & personal spirituality
  • Brings about a sense of well-being
  • Clears emotional stagnation
  • Allows space to experience inner joy
  • Develops individual health routines right for you

Hemaveda “AT HOME” Panchakarma!!

Yes! You read it right!

I am proud to offer these Panchakarma plans to my clients by training them to do the processes safely at home which is not only done at the comfort of your home but is also affordable for every one!

During my Ayurveda education in India 17 years back, I was fortunate to get hands on Panchakarma training with some of the well-known Ayurveda doctors and nurses. I have worked with more than 200 people with several health ailments by learning to design and implement panchakarma packages customized to them for their optimal health and wellness. I am proud to be a part of many Panchakarma camps which helped individuals to do seasonal panchakarma as well on a national level. Being an Ayurveda doctor, panchakarma specialist and Masters in Clinical research I have always integrated the research part of the panchakarma processes and chronic health disorders.

Hemaveda Panchkarma

Hemaveda Panchkarma @ Home package includes:

  1. An initial 1 hour consultation with me – Online or In person assessment This includes a personalized approach to understand the balances and imbalances of the individual by a thorough Ayurvedic assessment. This includes an Ayurvedic examination to determine your health history, health concerns and desired health goals. As well as an Ayurvedic health and lifestyle assessment that will identify your body’s natural rhythm. This assessment also includes the pulse and tongue reading.
  2. Documented Panchakarma protocol
    This protocol includes a customized plan which includes a step-by-step guidance for the three stages of Panchakarma listed above. This document will include the herbal
    recommendations needed for the panchakarma process for you to purchase.
  3. Recipe and food guidance
    Panchakarma supportive food recipes and guidance will be provided in a document format
  4. Unlimited phone and email support –
    Yes! You heard it right. I will be always to guide and support you along the way.
  5. Post panchakarma Follow up call – 1 hour
    This call will be for the post panchakarma guidance after the completion of the Panchakarma process. This call will be focused on Ayurvedic lifestyle to be followed, dietary guidance and herbal recommendations customized for the individual to follow through.Once the elimination procedures are completed, a rasayana (rejuvenation and restorative) program will follow. These herbals, nutritive and lifestyle restorative practices are just as important as the other stages of the
    Panchakarma, to ensure the body has not only been purified but strengthened, remaining in balance and limiting the possibility of future imbalances.

Hemaveda Panchakarma package is only for $550 per person!

Why to choose Hemaveda Panchakarma?

Panchakarma at Hemaveda is designed, custom tailored to the individuals past and current health, constitution and overall wellness. Ayurveda doctor Swati Mhaske comes with an extensive background and hand on experience on Panchakarma for more than 17 years of experience. Once you enroll in our Panchakarma program, Swati will choose one or more of 4 panchakarma
processes suitable for your body and mind constitution. Swati will always help manage this process efficiently. Once the elimination procedures are completed, in the follow up post panchakarma appointment a  rejuvenation protocol will follow.

This herbal, nutritive and lifestyle restorative practices are just as important as the other stages of the Panchakarma, to ensure the body has not only been purified but strengthened, remaining in balance and limiting the possibility of future imbalances.

Panchakarma is a time-proven natural  therapy known to detoxify and restore the body’s inner balance. Periodic Panchakarma along with Ayurvedic dietary advises and exercise routines may help to prevent disease and maintain balance. We look forward to supporting you in your journey of balance, health, and Panchakarma.

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