by Nov 13, 2018

Namaste from HemaVeda,

Ayurveda provides us with incredible knowledge to incorporate thousands of Herbs and Spices in our daily diet. Ayurveda is a way of life that strives to make healing and healthy life a part of daily routines. Ayurveda encourages making small sustained health and lifestyle choices that would improve health for every one throughout their lives. HemaVeda brings this way of healthy and happy life for everyone. 

On this healing journey with HemaVeda I am honored to guide you all sharing this divine science of long & healthy life following Ayurveda. 
This week we will learn the Ayurvedic perspective of one of the healthy and delicious fruits – FIGS
Figs according to the classical texts of Ayurveda are from the fruits category which help in the restoration of normal quantity of urine. Figs are all seasonal fruits mostly grown in India and also some parts of Australia.


Ayurvedic properties of Figs

  • Figs are astringent and sweet in taste
  • They are heavier on digestion
  • They are drying in nature
  • They undergo pungent taste after digestion
  • They are cold in potency
  • Figs, due to their astringent taste have blocking effect property which means they have the property to stop or block the fluids or liquid elements in the body. Hence, they work very well in heavy menstrual cycles/heavy bleeding.

Dosha perspective

  • Figs have the capacity to pacify Vata dosha and can pacify Pitta dosha
  • Due to their sweet taste, heavier on digestion, Figs can aggravate the kapha dosha
  • Figs work well in vitiated Pitta and Rakta(blood) dosha.


  • Figs are nourishing and provide strength
  • They are good for people with general debility
  • They are also thirst quenchers
  • They are beneficial for people with bleeding disorders
  • They work well in inflammatory conditions and help relieve edema

 Figs can relieve tiredness and fatigue


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