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Garlic is the most distinctively aromatic as well as a medicinal herb that is very popular among many cuisines around the world. Ayurveda has documented many benefits of this herb which we are going to learn more about them in this blog. Garlic has been wildly used by Ayurveda doctors in herbal formulations and more treatment regimens regularly. According to the Ayurvedic scripts, Garlic has all the five tastes except for the sour taste.

Ayurvedic properties of Garlic

  • Garlic as mentioned above has sweet, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent taste to it
  • Garlic is heavy to digest, oily and has piercing hot pungent taste to it when consumed in a raw state
  • Garlic is hot in potency
  • Garlic if consumed in larger quantities may cause diarrhea or runny bowel movements

Ayurvedic dosha perspective

  • Garlic is Pitta aggravating due to its pungent and piercing properties. Pitta dominant individuals
    should keep the garlic consumption to minimal in summer season and the consumption of garlic
    should always be in a cooked form.
  • Garlic works well in Vata dominant individuals due to its hot potency and oily nature. Ayurveda
    recommends the consumption of garlic in many vata imbalances like constipation, joint pain etc
  • Kapha individuals can tremendously benefit from Garlic as well. The heavy, sticky and slimy
    nature of kapha which can create blockages in the channels can be cleared out with the garlic
    induced Ayurvedic formulations.

Benefits of Garlic according to Ayurveda

  • Garlic is beneficial for Vata dosha disorders like Arthritis, Joint pain and many other Joint
    inflammatory disorders
  • Garlic is beneficial in eye disorders and improves vision
  • Regular consumption of garlic benefits in digestion, constipation and overall digestive wellness
  • Due to its pungent nature and presence of many nutrients and oils, garlic is beneficial for skin
    and hair disorders
  • External application of garlic juice proves beneficial in Joint ache, itching and insect bites

TIP – Its best to avoid garlic consumption few days prior to menses if you are suffering from heavy menstrual cycles.


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