by Aug 25, 2018

Namaste from HemaVeda,

We have been focusing on many Spices and recipes from last few weeks. I hope you all liked the Ayurvedic perspective of different spices and now know how and when to use the specific spices for good health and digestion.
In this week we will learn more about the Ayurvedic perspective of one of the most important and health benefiting substance called Ghee. Ghee is also called as clarified butter in the US. Ghee is being used on an everyday basis in an Indian diet. People who are allergic to gluten, dairy, can safely consume ghee. Ghee should be prepared following Ayurveda for the maximum benefits.

Ghee has several health benefits if consumed on a regular basis.


Qualities of Cow Ghee

  • Cow Ghee has a cooling effect on the body. It is beneficial for any kind of burning sensation in the body. You can also apply ghee externally for burns and bruises.
  • It helps in the improvement of the digestion capacity
  • It has an appetizing aroma to it
  • It increases the taste in the food
  • Cow ghee is the best among all other types of ghee
  • It improves the quality and clarity of voice
  • It promotes strength and gives radiance.

Dosha Analysis

  • It has the capacity to balance all the three Doshas VATA, PITTA and KAPHA
  • It has the capacity to balance all the three Doshas VATA, PITTA and KAPHA
  • It is best if consumed by people with Vata and Pitta constitution as it helps balance the aggravation of the two doshas particularly

Ghee benefits

  • Ghee helps and promotes healthy digestion
  • Ghee helps and promotes healthy digestion
  • It helps in promoting rejuvenation and vitality of an individual
  • Regular ghee consumption is good for eye health. Application of Ghee around the orbital area helps in improvement of eye health.
  • It improves the power of memory and the intellect
  • It begets longevity
  • It is very beneficial for the male and female reproductive system because of its immense nourishing benefits
  • Ghee is a superb moisturizer and helps relieve dryness, itching and cracked lips.

According to the Ayurvedic scripts, Ghee is one of the most beneficial substance to be consumed regularly as an healthy choice over butter.  Ghee helps in the improvement of Ojas or the immunity power of the body.

Ghee is used extensively in my Detox therapies and the Head Abhyanga procedure The Ayurvedic head massage immensely helps the clarification of senses and rejuvenation of the body. Visit and book an Ayurvedic consultation to know your Dosha and a thorough analysis of your health and how to incorporate Ayurveda in your day to day life for a healthy and happy life, and a Panchakarma today to get a 10% off these wonderful treatments.


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