by Nov 27, 2019

Namaste from HemaVeda,

Ayurveda provides us with incredible knowledge to incorporate thousands of Herbs and Spices in our daily diet. Ayurveda is a way of life that strives to make healing and healthy life a part of daily routines. Ayurveda encourages making small sustained health and lifestyle choices that would improve health for every one throughout their lives. HemaVeda brings this way of healthy and happy life for everyone. 

On this healing journey with HemaVeda I am honored to guide you all sharing this divine science of long & healthy life following Ayurveda. 
Let us learn the Ayurvedic perspective of another favorite Dry fruit of many- WALNUTS

Walnut trees are mostly found in the Himalayan parts of India but are native to Iran. The seed is the consumable part of the Walnut tree. Walnut got its name because of its hard shell like a wall. Walnuts have anti-oxidant properties and prove as a nerve tonic.


Ayurvedic properties of Walnuts

Tastes and qualities

  • A walnut is primarily sweet in taste
  • It is heavy to digest and slimy in quality
  • It is Hot in potency
  • It undergoes sweet taste after digestion
  • Walnuts can cause constipation as they are heavier to digest

Dosha perspective

  • Walnuts are good for pacifying Vata dosha
  • They also can pacify the Pitta dosha
  • They are kapha aggravating if consumed on a regular basis by Kapha dominant people


  1. Walnuts have nourishing benefits
  2. They provide strength and improve immunity
  3. They are good for impotency and beneficial for reproductive health in men and women
  4. They are very beneficial for blood related disorders like blood impurities and skin health
  5. They are good in muscle weakness, general debility


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